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LILY WEISBERG, Short Film, 'Studio 210'  (2021)

Melisande composed the soundtrack and underscore for 'Studio 210', a 2021 short film examining the dynamics between a successful painter and her young apprentice.

COMCAST Xfinity, 'Happy Place: Prepaid Card'  (2018)

As an employee of Butter Music & Sound, Melisande wrote a custom track for the Xfinity television commercial linked below, titled 'DJ Fluffernutter' and featured at 0:15.

DJ Fluffernutter 1
VICELAND Beerland S02E02, 'Alabama'  (2017)

As an employee for Big Foote Music + Sound, Melisande's music was placed on Viceland series 'Beerland'. The track 'Mr. Tumnus' is featured in the episode linked below at 6:18.

Big Foote Music + Sound, 'A Suite'  (2018)

In 2018, Melisande was hired by Big Foote Music + Sound' to compose an indie electronic suite for their music library. Below is a playlist featuring several of the tracks in this suite.

CHLOE RAMOS, Web Series, 'The Alright Kids'  (2019)

Melisande composed the title card music and  for the 2019 YouTube web series linked below and featured at 0:00 - 0:10 1:34 - 1:44.

EMERSON COLLEGE, Student Film, 'Loophole'  (2018)

Melisande composed the underscore for this 2018 Emerson College student short.

The first cue is at 1:28 - 1:48, and the second cue is at 3:21 - 4:25.

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