COMCAST Xfinity, 'Happy Place: Prepaid Card' 

While interning at Butter Music and Sound in 2018, I wrote a custom music track for an Xfinity television commercial, linked here. The track is featured at 0:15, and is called "DJ Fluffernutter."

VICELAND Beerland S02E02, 'Alabama'

In 2017, I was hired to compose a suite for Big Foote Music + Sound's music library. One of these compositions was placed on an epsiode of Viceland series "Beerland", linked here. The track is featured at 6:18, and is called "Mr. Tumnus."

Emerson College Student Film, 'Loophole'

The video below is a short film by Emerson College students, for which I wrote the underscore. The first cue is between 1:28 and 1:48, and the second cue is between 3:21 and 4:25.

Berklee College of Music Demos

The videos in this playlist are a collection of pre-existing short films, trailers and advertisements that I rescored for class assignments during my time at Berklee College of Music.